CDC: Use a Helmet During a Tornado

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends keeping a helmet in a readily accessible place

recommends using a helmet if you find yourself in the path of a tornado.

In a statement released on Thursday, May 2, the CDC said there is limited research on the “effectiveness” of helmet use during a storm, but head injuries are among the common causes of death during a tornado.

The first recommendation during a tornado is to find a shelter or tornado-safe room. Helmets are not meant as an alternative to seeking shelter.

  • The safest place in the home is the interior part of a basement.
  • If possible, get under something sturdy such as a heavy table or workbench.
  • If outdoors, lie down in a gully or ditch.

“Because the time to react may be very short, people who choose to use helmets should know where they are and have them readily accessible,” the statement released Thursday said. “Looking for a helmet in the few seconds before a tornado hits may delay you getting safely to shelter.”

Read more about emergency preparedness and response from the CDC.

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