Dog That Hopped on School Bus Finds New Home

A pit bull mix dog named Ryder that hitched a ride on a Dekalb County school bus has been rescued and given a new home.

Ryder has found a new home, Diva's Pit Bull Rescue Facebook
Ryder has found a new home, Diva's Pit Bull Rescue Facebook
A stray pit bull mix dog that hopped onto a DeKalb County school bus and took a seat has found a new home and a new name.

FOX 5 reports that school officials told the news channel the stray had waited near a group of Cedar Grove High School students and got on the school bus with them when it arrived at the stop.

Witnesses say the pooch pushed through the crowd, took a seat, and refused to move until he was coaxed off with food.

Diva’s Pit Bull Rescue founder Colleen Lanzby told FOX 5 that when she saw pictures of the Pit Bull mix on the train, she had to find him.

“I saw this dog, and he just crushed my heart,” Lanzby said. “I said I have got to find this dog.”

Diva’s Pit Bull Rescue is a non-profit in Snellville that rescues and rehabilitates pit bulls, pit mixes and cats. The organization then finds new homes for the animals.

When Lanzby heard that the DeKalb Animal Shelter had found the bus-hopping dog, she gladly took him in. Renamed as Ryder, the adventurous canine now has a home.

Diva’s Pit Bull Rescue still has over 80 pit bulls in need of homes. Volunteers at the rescue encourage anyone who is interested in the dogs to stop by for a visit. For more information, email them at divasrescue@comcast.net.

Aileen Wyckoff May 15, 2014 at 01:24 PM
Smart doggie. Get a kid to take ya home. :))
Karen Thomas May 18, 2014 at 08:25 AM
God bless the kind rescue group and the good family!


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