Flooding in Virginia-Highland

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Nearly three inches of rain fell Saturday morning in metro Atlanta, and residents in Virginia-Highland are seeing flooded streets and yards.

What does it look like outside your window?

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Barbara Baggerman January 23, 2012 at 04:53 PM
Great photos of creek flooding on Rock Creek and South Fork Peachtree Creek. Unfortunately this is not unusual during heavy rain events. It is a direct result of tree loss and increased development with increased impervious surfaces. The volume of water in our creeks will continue to increase with every tree cut and every bit of land paved over. Note the Before and After pictures of Rock Creek at University Drive. In the Before picture, the creek is clear. In the After picture, it's red with mud. This means that somewhere upstream, silt is illegally running off someone's property into the creek. Find the source where the red muddy water is coming from and report that site to the authorities. Developers are required to prevent silt from running off a construction site. Homeowners are required to prevent silt from running off their property, and to maintain a 75-foot undisturbed creek buffer.


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