Fulton Animal Services Pets of the Week: Oreo & Frankie

Part of Fulton County Animal Service’s mission is to provide a humane environment for Fulton County’s homeless pets while placing them into loving, permanent homes.

Oreo is sweet, loving and calm. Credit: Special
Oreo is sweet, loving and calm. Credit: Special
By Karen Hirsch

Although our city practically shut down during the two recent winter storms, LifeLine Animal Project still had many animals needing care at our three shelters (LifeLine’s shelter and Dekalb and Fulton County Animal Services shelters). Thanks to the commitment of some very special employees, they all received the care they needed.

Even before the storm, some employees worked extra hard caring for Atlanta’s animals and trying to protect them from the cold. Knowing the storm was approaching, LifeLine’s outreach team worked fervently, delivering dog houses and hay to animals needing shelter and persuading pet owners to bring their animals inside.

And when the first storm hit, many employees spent the night at the shelters, knowing there was no human food available, but wanting to make sure the animals were cared for. These employees handled animals still recovering from spay/neuter surgeries, cleaned cages, fed dogs and cats, cleaned the kennels and barns and worked double shifts, since other employees were unable to drive into work.

And when the second storm hit, employees were at it again! A Fulton County Animal Services Kennel Supervisor spent three nights sleeping on an air mattress and brought in air mattresses for other employees; the DeKalb County Animal Services Kennel Supervisor walked three miles on ice to make it to the shelter early in the morning; and LifeLine’s Cat Rehabilitation Director Mickie Blair walked two miles on ice to LifeLine’s shelter to reach her beloved cats.  LifeLine is proud that we have a wonderful team of employees who will always be there to care for the animals!

Fulton County Animal Services Pets of the Week:  Jack, Oreo and Frankie

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About Me: My name is Jack, and I am a one-year-old, short-haired kitty.  I have beautiful green eyes, and I am so sweet and loving that I’m a staff favorite.  I’m also neutered and ready to go. 

Likes: Sitting on laps, being pet, purring, other cats and kids.

Dislikes: Scary dogs and not having a home.

Looking for: Love

First Date: Play date in the kitty colony room.


About Me: My name is Oreo, and I am a beautiful two-year-old girl.

My Best Traits: I am very loving, sweet and calm!  I have tons of love to give you and am ready to be the love of your life.

Likes: You, kids and other dogs.  Did I mention you?

Dislikes: Not having anyone to snuggle with in the shelter at night.

First Date: Meet me in the play yard.

About Me: My name is Frankie, and I am a handsome two-year old mastiff mix. I have cute ears that flop all over my head.

Best Traits: I’m sweet and I’m enrolled in FCAS’s CHARM School, so I’m learning manners and commands. I’m smart, and I also get along with other dogs.

Likes: Going for walks, belly rubs, playing ball and giving kisses.

Dislikes: Not having a mommy or daddy to call my own.

To meet Jack, Oreo or Frankie contact Kerry at 404-613-9157 or email her at: kmoyershorton@fultonanimalservices.com. 

To view dogs or cats available for adoption, please visit the shelter at 860 Marietta Blvd NW, Atlanta, 30318 or go to www.fultonanimalservices.com/adopt.

About Fulton County Animal Services

Managed by LifeLine Animal Project, Fulton County Animal Service’s mission is to provide a humane environment for Fulton County’s homeless pets while placing them into loving, permanent homes, and to end pet overpopulation by promoting spay/neuter, advocating for life-saving public policy, increasing public awareness of homeless pets and educating the community about responsible pet ownership. To learn more, visit www.fultonanimalservices.com.


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