How Can Nonprofits Make the Most of Patch?

In our latest edition of “Patch 101,” we share how nonprofit officials and volunteers can post events, photos and calls for action on Patch.


It’s December, which means many nonprofits are in the midst of community projects such as toy drives or feed the hungry events, while others are soliciting donations before the end of the 2012 tax year.

If you represent or volunteer with a nonprofit, you have many ways that you can use Virginia-Highland/Druid Hills Patch to get the word out:

1. Start a blog about your nonprofit or its campaign(s).

Maybe you’re with a lesser-known nonprofit in the area, or perhaps you perform a service or hold an event that few people are aware of. Or maybe you want the public to know why they should donate to your cause before the end of the year. One way to educate the public is by submitting a blog post.

Clicking this link will take you to the page where you share what you know, think and feel. Blogs with photos can be included on Virginia-Highland/Druid Hills Patch’s homepage and are sometimes featured in Patch’s daily newsletter

2. Upload pictures of your nonprofit, your volunteers and events to our gallery.

We love getting photos and videos sent to us, especially those posted by you—the community—to our gallery. It's a place where everyone can quickly see images and video clips about the causes that you hold near and dear.

3. Make announcements about your campaigns, events and more.

Announcements can be about anything you want to tell people. We want you to feel invested in Patch and the community, and this is an easy and quick way to do it. Add a photo, as well. It helps your announcement stand out.

Perhaps you want to give out details of what you’re in desperate need of in your current food drive. Or maybe you’ve just finished a fundraiser or drive and want to announce how much you raised and the major donors who helped you. You can post any of these examples and more in our Announcements section.

Simply click the Announcement option under the News tab on the homepage. On the right side of the screen you’ll see the button “Add an Announcement.” This will you take you to Patch’s announcement form. When you’re ready, click “publish my announcement” and it will go live to the site immediately.

Other things Patch encourages you to post include births, school or community awards, job promotions and more.

4. Place events, such as volunteer recruitment, committee meetings, fundraisers etc., on our calendar.

Want to invite the community to learn about and get involved in your nonprofit, or get them to attend your annual fundraising gala? That's where event listings come in. You pick the date it runs, and voila!

To post an event, go to the Events page and click “Add an Event” on the right side of the page. Tell us all the details about your upcoming event, then click “post my event” at the bottom of the page. If you include a photo, your event may appear on the front page.

5. Place an advertisement for even more exposure for your church or nonprofit.

If you want more visibility on our site, place an advertisement on Patch. Contact Katrina Hensley at katrina.hensley@patch.com for more information.


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