Public Meeting About Nature Trail Set for April 10

Trail would connect Virginia-Highland and Morningside

By Sally Sears

A plan to link two major nature preserves in Virginia-Highland and Morningside is gaining momentum in the neighborhood.

The South Fork Conservancy and Park Pride are leading discussions about a trail along the south fork of Peachtree Creek connecting Morningside Nature Preserve and Herbert Taylor-Daniel Johnson Nature Preserve.

The first public meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 10 at 6 p.m. at Haygood Methodist Church could demonstrate some of the benefits and challenges of creating more greenspace with easy access to walkers, joggers and perhaps bikers.

Creek cleanups and trail building are expected later in the spring.

Here’s what one avid creek paddler found on a cleanup downstream from Cheshire Bridge Road.

From Richard Grove, Georgia Kayaker:

There are good river days and there are great river days. Today was a great one.
Today after 9.5 hours, 25 more tires were removed along with 3 shopping carts, some carpet, a picnic table umbrella, 3 golf balls, mirror, fishing reel, vehicle tail light lens, sleeping bag, trash can lid, PVC pipe, wire, metal stud, shoes, shirts, roof shingles, safety fence, silt fence, fire extinguisher, lots of aluminum cans, plastic bags & bottles, a disposable razor. Still looking for a toothbrush. The pile is huge. Next work day will be from Cheshire Bridge Road

I have never removed a Herbie trash container or a shopping cart from the river. I thought the Herbie was a bear to get out but nothing compared to the shopping carts which took more than an hour to dig each one out.

One day next week I will cut up the tree in the river across from the trash pile area which will make the river look much better from that view point.

I see and hear people walking the trail when I am in the river working but the only chance I get to talk to anyone is when I'm either starting or finishing and at my truck.. When I was cleaning in the area of the trash pile several people came to the riverbank to say, hello. Sunday I met a couple who walk the trail several times a week.

A year from now there will probably be less trash in the river but more on the trail. Fact-of-life, Americans are pigs. Where they go so come their trash.

Sally Sears is the Executive Director of the South Fork Conservancy, a nonprofit that seeks to restore, conserve and protect the Riparian systems of the South Fork of Peachtree Creek Watershed. Follow South Fork on Facebook. Learn more on their website.

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Chris H April 05, 2012 at 08:34 PM
So they are just talking about a dirt trail? Well it's a start. Would be awesome someday if PATH could come in a pave it and connect it to the 400 trail that's going to be built and the Beltline trails. Would be an awesome shortcut from Lindbergh to Morningside/Highlands on a bike!


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