VHCA President Resigns, Moves from Neighborhood

Association VP Pamela Papner will step in as President

The Virginia-Highland Civic Association has a new leader, according to the organization’s website.

Pamela Papner, who was elected Vice President last year, is now listed as President, and former president Alyson Higgins is no longer listed as a board member.

Higgins moved out of the neighborhood, Papner told Patch Wednesday, but hopes the move will be temporary.

VaHi resident Cindy Kaufman, who was elected an alternate board member last year, will fill the seat left vacant by Higgins.

The full board will meet at 7 p.m. Monday, March 7, at the .

Higgins was not available for comment.

David Eckoff March 04, 2011 at 09:47 PM
I'm sorry to see Aly leave the board. Among her other contributions to the neighborhood, Aly's help was instrumental in getting the AJC to stop littering the neighborhood with its AJC Reach ad circular product. Congratulations to Cindy Kaufman on being named to the board. I know Cindy; voted for her during the election; and I predict she will do a great job. Regarding communication, why doesn't the board announce material changes like this? Merely changing the board member listing on the website doesn't count as effective communication with association members. One would be lucky to stumble upon this information if not for Jaclyn's report here. The communications chair (now also president) should ensure that material information about the association is communicated in a way that people might actually see it. Post it a front page announcement on the VHCA website; send it to all members via the VHCA email newsletter; post it to community message boards such as VHList and VHDiscuss. There's a general pattern of lack of transparency and communication with members about various issues that I find troubling. I'd invite board members to join the discussion here and let us know how the board will demonstrate more transparency and better communication with association members who they represent.
Eileen Drennen March 07, 2011 at 02:12 AM
amen david -- and thanks jaclyn for keeping the neighborhood in the know!


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