Mandala Art Exhibit to Debut at Emory

Exhibit opens Jan 21

An art exhibit set to open at next month will feature artists that explore “the mandala form as artistic expression.”

The exhibit — “Contemporary Mandala: New Audiences, New Forms” — will open Jan. 21 at the Emory Visual Arts Gallery.

A mandala by Morehouse College alumnus Sanford Biggers is “the centerpiece of the gallery,” according to a preview of the exhibit published by Emory.

“From transcendent abstracts to repetitive patterns, the multimedia works by these artists use the mandala and its residual power to address today’s physical, cultural, environmental, and cosmological issues,” the preview said.

The exhibit, which runs through April 15, features work by Don Cooper, Faith McClure, Christopher McNulty, Andra Samelson, King Thackston and Marcia Vaitsman.

Two other mandala exhibits will also be on display in Atlanta next month.

Mandala: Sacred Circle in Tibetan Buddhism,” opens Jan. 21 at the at Emory. The exhibit, which also runs through April 15, features over 100 objects that “explore the various manifestations of Tibetan mandalas.”

Beginning Feb. 5, the Oglethorpe University Museum of Art will exhibit “original mandalas created by Carl Jung’s patients during the course of their treatment between 1926 and 1945.”

For more on the exhibits, visit the Emory Visual Arts website.


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