Loca Luna to Address Community Concerns

Owners plan to put up signs, offer valet service

After months of contentious conversations about noise and safety concerns at , owners announced plans Monday to address community complaints.

Leigh Davis Turner, who spoke at the neighborhood planning unit meeting Monday on behalf of the restaurant owner, said owners plan to post signage around the restaurant to remind patrons to respect the community that surrounds the restaurant and bar.

Owners also plan to hold regularly scheduled training meetings with security staff to talk about noise concerns and offer valet service to residents on the west side of Amsterdam Avenue that are “more impacted by the traffic and parking,” she said.

She said the valet service would only be available to residents having small gatherings and unavailable to neighbors that simply failed to find parking.

This plan is “a result of the community meeting in late October,” she said, where Amsterdam Avenue residents and Amsterdam Walk business owners met with Loca Luna owners about noise, crime and parking issues, among other concerns.

Turner also said owners will "periodically apply for a temporary lane closure permits during peak times in order to deter the general public from parking on both sides of the street and creating a bottle-neck."

Residents at the meeting Monday night said they would like to see another community meeting held before the summer, and Turner said she would suggest holding another meeting in the spring.

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Rick D. Day April 07, 2012 at 02:09 PM
Of course, Vag-Hi can do what Castleberry Hill did and force ALL businesses to close at 1AM. Then there would be plenty of parking...in front of shuttered businesses and vacant homes. ProTip: You live in the 'inner city' in one of the most lively entertainment districts in Atlanta. You can walk where thousands have to drive. Get OVER yourself and work TOGETHER with business, instead of droning "This won't work". Nothing in the code forces that business to follow what are voluntary solutions. Come up with solutions, instead of NIMBY angst. Better yet, you can move to the suburbs where there are no business outside of Publix and a gas station. Peace.
Teyeger May 23, 2012 at 06:54 PM
Seriously, I cant believe residents are bitching about not being able to find street parking. Midtown does the same stupidity with its 'residential only' parking around 10th street/Myrtle. There are plenty of places to live where parking is not an issue.
Ouzel August 17, 2012 at 08:33 PM
Yes, it presumes the patrons can read and comprehend a sign. Text lingo explaining specific outcomes would be more effective. Of course then the rest of us wouldn't have a clue what the sign said, tho....
Natalie Ramsden March 30, 2013 at 05:06 AM
Rick Day, many of us have lived here for decades without the recent ridiculous & obnoxious behavior of "patrons" of places like Loca Luna & MJQ a little ways away. Guess what, the businesses here have survived and done well for years without this kind of hassle. Loca Luna may be making money, but everyone else just has to clean up the garbage from their adventures. Do you pay taxes to care for the streets and sidewalks here? No? Well, we do. Would you like me to come to your home with music blaring, throwing trash & blocking your driveway? I think not. Rude types tried to drag Buckhead down, and residents ran them out and have done great ever since. Go back to your burbs until you grow up and learn to behave considerately towards other people. We're quite fine here on our own with that type of business. We don't want or need it.
Rick D. Day March 30, 2013 at 01:13 PM
Wow...12 months later and she discovers the comments section! <i>Do you pay taxes to care for the streets and sidewalks here? No? Well, we do.</i>. You have magic powers. Because for all the tens of thousands of dollars in city taxes my establishment generates, I can't seem to get someone to fix MY sidewalks! How do you get the power to say "hey my tax goes HERE, HERE and THERE, but NOT THERE! Seriously? <i>Would you like me to come to your home with music blaring, throwing trash & blocking your driveway? I think not. </i> Now there you go, trying to put words in my mouth again. To answer your question: yes, I would welcome you. Now, I'd get you to pay for a spot at Arby's, or if I was 'blocked in' which in my particular case is impossible, I would pull out the scooter or motorcycle and carry on, instead of whining. Why woudl I welcome this? Because it is the nature of our neighborhood; we embrace the diversity and night life. Tech students are going to throw trash in front of the business no matter what time of day, so until Midtown Green gets off their fat Harley riding asses and gets Spring street some trash cans. Trash and people go together. I SERIOUSLY suggest it is YOU who should move to the suburbs. Oh and no one is fooled here by codewords. By "Rude Types" you mean "blackfolk". At least be intellectually honest about your 'true' concerns here... Oh and...NIMBY? REALLY That is all you have...NIMBY? Do you wear your hair in a bun?


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