Plaza Theatre Owners Look to Sell

No plans to close the theatre, which is Atlanta's oldest cinema

The owners of the announced Tuesday that Atlanta's oldest cinema is up for sale.

Owners Jonathan and Gayle Rej said the cost to change over from 35mm to digital is just too expensive and they need to sell the 550-seat historic cinema to someone who can afford the conversion project.

"Day-today operations of an independently owned cinema are rife with challenges, but the death of 35mm film in the very near future is one hurdle they cannot overcome," a news release from the theatre said. "With film studios such as Warner Brothers and Twentieth Century Fox no longer booking 35mm repertory film prints and already destroying their film libraries, soon there literally won’t be film to run through the Plaza’s projectors. has already converted to completely digital, the Landmark will follow shortly and the Plaza simply does not have the monetary funds to convert."

Jonathan Rej told Creative Loafing that they plan to keep the doors open as they hunt for new owners.

"We've worked too hard to just close the doors, we'll be open indefinitely," Rej said.

The Rej's are looking for "a college, museum, TV network, historical society or another entity" to take over the Plaza and "make the necessary investments."

The Rej family bought the theatre in 2006 after a significant renovation.

In 2009, the Plaza foundation recieved nonprofit status, which the owners hoped would help with the financial burden.

"Despite their stellar idealism, economic realities have finally caught up with the Plaza," the release said.

For more information about The Plaza Theatre, visit the Plaza website.


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