Grounded Revisited

What's new with Go Grounded Yoga

She was having a little bit of difficulty getting acclimated to life at in Kindergarten.

Five-year-old Gabby was doing great at school but brought her anxiety home with her. After seeing her friends and her favorite PE teacher heading for yoga each Monday, she really wanted to give it a try. 

Gabby’s parents told her she could participate as long as her behavior at home improved.

“It gave her motivation to do just that and not surprisingly, the yoga seemed to calm her and to make her feel more and more at ease with the new school,” Gabby’s mom said. “And here we are three years later and she is doing great. Gabby loves her school, her teachers and looks forward to her yoga each week!”

Several months ago I covered Go Grounded Yoga for Kids and Teens and your response was overwhelming. It is so encouraging to know that our neighborhood is a hub for creative and effective yoga community in action.

Because you were so interested in Go Grounded, I wanted to share their summer update so you can get more involved.

In May, Grounded put on a Mother’s Day Yoga Workshop that was taught by a Grounded Teen and his Grounded Mom.

The next Grounded Teacher-Training weekend will be in Woodstock, GA. Grounded is excited about supporting that town’s growing Grounded community. The workshop will be at Ember Studio July 11-14 and there are still a few spots available! 

Cheryl and Amy, Grounded Co-Founders, are also spending some of their summer away from town helping school districts in Charleston and Vancouver to implement great Grounded programs like we have here.

There is also much grounding to look forward to this Fall! Grounded is hosting a Family Yoga Class for Japan with 100 percent donations at Fernbank Elementary School on Monday September 26.

Cheryl will also be offering a Grounded workshop for teachers and parents once a week for six weeks. Teachers will earn a PLU (professional learning unit) credit. The workshop will take place Sundays from 3-4:15pm.

Wondering how little Gabby is doing on her yoga journey?

“She got her mom and her dad to come to class,” Cheryl said. “I was so in my heart watching her beam in between her parents. I even told the rest of the class to imagine that the two most important people in your life are right next to you. Shine for them! That family inspired everybody!”

Grounded has created a treasure chest of knowledge and fun on their website as well. Check out the free lessons on the website for parents to work on with children over the summer! 

Amy June 07, 2011 at 07:36 PM
Thank you Erin! For those wanting more info about our upcoming trainings, go to www.gogrounded.com. The one in Woodstock is at the beautiful studio, Ember Hot Yoga www.emberhotyoga.com. What an inspiring article. Peace, Amy Haysman


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