Moms Talk: What’s Your Favorite Cheap Fall Thrill?

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Yes it’s true that summer could choose to linger, but there is the irresistible pull of fall in the air—even under a blistering sun. Here are a few cheap thrills to help you usher in this long-awaited season.

Get outside

If you’re like me, this summer was often too much to face and a lot of it was spent in air-conditioned hibernation. Once the humidity and temperatures drop, many of us can finally resume the activities that heartier folk never stopped doing, like rambling walks, runs, hikes, bike rides and long, neighborly chats on the sidewalk.

Catch a game 

For those football fans out there, you don’t have to have NFL tickets to enjoy a live game. Why not stroll over to Grady High School to catch a game without even leaving the neighborhood? You can relive your old high school days, enjoy a crisp evening out with the kids and watch some up-and-comers.

Love the leaves

Whether you’re crunching them underfoot on a morning walk or raking them into piles, before you know it, leaves will be a fact of fall life. While you enjoy their color and smell and the kids roll in piles of them, consider how amazing it is to get a close-up look at what the trees have been wearing all year.

Talk to scarecrows 

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens will inaugurate its Scarecrows in the Gardens on October 5. But in the meantime, you can create your own garden scarecrow.  Once the summer cycle of your yard plants is finished, clear ‘em out and get ready for fall with your own version, friendly or fiendish.

Plan your season

It might include pumpkin patches, apple orchards, fall festivals, Halloween parties and a decked out house to greet the trick or treaters, but whatever you’d like to do, now is a good time to start planning the many ways to enjoy this fast-moving season.


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