Remembering Warren Bruno

A note from Virginia-Highland Civic Association President Jack White

By Jack White

is a great loss.

He was an integral part of this neighborhood for over three decades. He was well-known for renovating the and Delicatessen, an act that was a landmark event in the commercial renaissance along North Highland, but it was his devotion to the whole area and his wit and humor that left the deepest impressions.

Warren had a very broad vision of community, and he remained resolutely confident over the years that we could balance and protect both business and neighborhood interests.

His faith was sometimes tested, but it never wavered, and it was on display from the early 80’s in helping start Summerfest to the Neighborhood Commercial rezoning effort a quarter-century late, where he hosted a long series of early-morning meetings at his restaurant. He was a key supporter of that campaign, and no one was happier than he was at its success.

He was a persistently upbeat person  — about his family, this neighborhood, its institutions, and its people.

Warren had a rich sense of humor, little tolerance for pretentiousness, and a fine cache of stories about the historical adventures and foibles of a wide range of neighborhood personalities, including himself.  He appreciated effort and wasn’t much on fear of failure.

One of the last times I ran into him, he doubled down on my tale of recent neighborhood silliness with some historic parallels that left us both giggling at length.

We’ll miss those stories, but much more we’ll miss him, his optimistic perspective, his sense of determination and dignity, his smile, his ready willingness to leap into difficult tasks, and his perpetual faith in this community and its citizens. 

He was a good person, caring and loyal. Our thoughts and prayers are with all his family and friends.

Jack White
Virginia-Highland Civic Association

Jack White is the President of the Virginia-Highland Civic Association. Learn more about the group on the VHCA website.


John Becker May 17, 2012 at 05:04 PM
Well said, Jack. Very well said.


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