Who Has The Best Bloody Mary in Virginia-Highland?

One Drink Too Many, One Bloody Mary to Cure all

Waking up with a pounding headache is never fun, especially when the cause of it all was a long night of drinking. 

The room is spinning, your body is aching and all you want is a tall glass of water. You’re losing the battle, but all your body desires is some hydration and good food.

What better way to refuel your body than with a refreshing Bloody Mary

Rest assured because several friends of mine who think of themselves as “Bloody Mary connoisseurs” were on a mission to find the best in Virginia-Highland, and three lucky destinations became the targets. 

At , Atlanta resident Norman Londono needed to cure a terrible headache while contemplating a big move back to New York City with his friend Marcos Bruno.  The headaches however, were quickly cured. 

The decorations in the drink were a spicy carrot and pickled parsnip, with the glass rim covered in celery salt.

“It is a bit different.  It has a great spice and I love the carrot as it absorbs spices and tastes even better,” Bruno said.

As for the food, the spicy shrimp and Georgia grits dish is a perfect combination to the drinks and to nursing your body back to health.

Next stop: , where the Bloody Mary can be served in pitchers, although Anton Preslicka and his brother Sonny preferred to drink in them in 16 oz. glasses to avoid the possibility of watered down beverages.

There was no complaint with the taste and their choice of mix, Zing Zang, but they thought the decorations in the drink were somewhat strange.

“They’re trying too hard to be classy with the decorations.  Okra?  That is just weird, and there is no celery.  That’s a must have in a Bloody Mary,” they said.

Aside from the decorations, the drinks were tasty, the wings were great and ‘The Diesel’ dish are must haves when having a rough morning.

Last stop: . 

Drinks were decorated elaborately, with everything everyone said they needed in a Bloody Mary— lime, olive, pepperoncini, and a stalk of celery. 

“We use a Creole seasoning salt around the rim, Whisky Willies mix, and I like to add some pepperoncini juice in the drink,” bartender Crystal Brooks said.

The pepperoncini juice is what made it a bit too spicy. As for the food, their burgers and fries are the way to go.

Overall, the group decision on the best Bloody Mary was the drink from Murphy’s, with its perfect tangy, spicy flavor and the carrot and parsnip. 

In my opinion, it is good to know that when having a rough morning, your neighborhood has options for something to cure your pain-- and they are all walking distance from each other. That alone is comfort to soothe the mind, soul and hydrate the body.

David Plunkett March 28, 2011 at 03:57 PM
Thank you for this article (and for fixing the link to it from the last email!). As a new Atlanta resident, this is very helpful in my quest to fins my favorite restaurants, dishes and drinks! David Plunkett
Natalie L. Gallón April 13, 2011 at 04:18 PM
Thank you for the feedback! Welcome to the neighborhood and enjoy your search for good restaurants, which there are many of. I will try and focus on writing articles such as this one to help you along the way! Natalie L. Gallon


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