Crime Report: Eleven GPS Systems Stolen

Report from Virginia-Highland

The following report was sent to Virginia-Highland residents by VHCA safety chairman John Wolfinger on March 12.

The following reports are gleaned from our Zone 6 crime stats for the weeks 8 and 9 of 2012, with emphasis on our VaHi beat 601 - but with news from around the Zone as it affects us in some way.  Again, I state these reports are not meant to scare anyone, but to raise your level of awareness as to what happens around us everyday.

Aggravated Assault -  No reported incidents in Beat 601

Auto Theft  -  One vehicle was stolen from Greenwood Avenue. Nearby in Inman Park on Alta Avenue a workman left his keys on the seat of his pickup at 2 p.m. - only to return 15 minutes later to find an empty parking space.

Auto Theft Recovery  -  No such reports from Beat 601

Residential Burglary  -  No reported incidents in Beat 601  

Commercial Burglary  -  No reported incidents in Beat 601  

Residential Robbery  -  No reported incidents in Beat 601  

Commercial Robbery  -  No reported incidents in Beat 601. However, nearby in the 4th Ward, there was the high profile robbery of the Sugar Coated Radical candy shop on Howell Street along with the grocery store owner murder.

Larceny From Vehicle  -  Vehicles were entered on PDL Avenue, Frederica Street, and St. Charles Avenue (2 - one of which was a catalytic converter theft). All around the Zone in this time period, there were 11 GPS systems stolen, eight laptops gone, as well as a paper drive-away license tag, two more hand guns added to the arsenal on the streets, three i-Pods taken, five cell phones lifted, five purses/wallets taken along with the contents, and a Sawz-All taken -  which seems to be the tool of choice to cut off catalytic converters - of which there were three stolen.  Learn more about catalytic converter thefts at  http://www.nationwide.com/catalytic-converter-theft.jsp. At the Cactus Car Wash on PDL Avenue - the victim left a credit card in his car's console and yeah - you guessed it.  This car wash does have security cameras though and the perp was caught later. At 3 p.m. in the Edgewood Retail District parking lot a just-purchased tv set from Best Buy was stolen from the purchaser's car.  Need I say anything about going right home after making such a purchase and not making more shopping stops?  Most any shopping center parking lot has folks just watching for opportunities

Larceny Other  -  The CVS on North Highland Avenue had four bottles of perfume stolen, but the guy got away in a car.  Around the Zone in this time period there were four more reports of a/c units stolen from vacant houses/apartments.  There were five reports of stolen bicycles left unlocked on front porches, back yards, and patios.  Keep those bikes hidden behind doors or at least locked at all times - they are a magnet for thievery.  One bike though was taken from a locked rack on Highland Avenue in the 4th Ward.  There were also two reports of unchained motorized scooters taken from front porches. This report takes the cake!  The PDL Avenue Publix manager stated to the responding officer there was an unresponsive male locked in a men's room stall.  The officer located the arrestee passed out on the toilet with his pants down to his knees, with an empty bottle of cooking sherry next to him.   Of course, Grady had to be summoned to take him to their detention facility to sober up.  

Pedestrian Robbery  -  No reported incidents in Beat 601. Nearby though at 5:30 a.m. on Blue Ridge Avenue in Poncey-Highland a motorist stopped to look under the hood of his car after the "check engine" lite came on.  He was robbed by physical force by three males who fled in a car.  A bicycle riding teenager alongside Central Park was robbed at gunpoint at 10:30 p.m. - his cellphone, pocket cash and empty wallet was taken.  The thief gave back his wallet after finding it to be empty.  An incident at the Boulevard BP is explained at  http://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/video-shows-men-watching-waiting-rob-store-custome/nLNfm/  

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