Kids Find Loaded Gun, Catalytic Converter Stolen and other Crimes in the Neighborhood

VaHi Safety Team Report: Crime blotter and notes from neighborhood resident John Wolfinger.


The VaHi Safety Team Report is intended to update residents on recent crimes. The information in the report is provided by the Atlanta Police department.

The following information, which has been condensed by Patch, was sent to residents via e-mail on Monday, Jan. 7.

A Morningside Dangerous Situation Averted  

I just received a report yesterday about some 5th grade boys who found a gun on Saturday 1/5/2013 in the Daniel Johnson Nature Preserve.  These kids did the right thing by reporting their find to their parents who called Zone 2.  The gun turned out to be loaded and an investigation is underway - no further news at this time.  I do not know who the families of these kids are - but I do credit the parents for having educated their children not to mess with found guns and to let their parents know. This situation could have ended up with a tragedy.  If you are a parent and have not had a talk with your kids about what to do in situations such as this - tonite would be the time to have such a safety talk.  This is all part of APD's "See Something - Say Something" campaign.

The following reports have been gleaned from our APD Zone 6 crime stats for the 2012 weeks of 48, 49, 50 and 51 (11/25 to 12/22) with emphasis on our VaHi Beat 601, but with some news from around the Zone as it applies to us.  Again, I state these reports are not meant to scare anyone, but to make you aware of what happens around us everyday.  

Aggravated Assault  -  No incidents reported from our Beat 601

Auto Theft  -  Vehicles were stolen from Bellevue Drive and Greenwood Avenue.  A vehicle was also stolen from Monroe Drive, but was located parked on Angier Avenue in the Old 4th Ward.  It was discovered via the device installed in many of our APD cars that "looks" for certain license plate numbers.   

Commercial Burglary  -  The construction contractor's office at the Briarcliff Summit was broken into via an unlocked window and then thru the ceiling.  Someone went to to a lot of trouble to gain this entry.  

Residential Burglary  -  A Highland Terrace home was entered via a pried off lock from a rear window.  

Commercial Robbery  -  No incidents reported from Beat 601  

Residential Robbery  -  At 7 p.m. an apartment door at the Briarcliff Summit was kicked in while the resident was sleeping. The perp awoke the victim, threatened him with a knife and took a tv set.  

Larceny From Vehicle  -  Vehicles were broken into on Frederica Street, PDL Avenue (6), Kanuga Street, North Highland Avenue (6), Greenwood Avenue, Maiden Lane, Virginia Avenue (2), and a catalytic converter was stolen from Maryland Avenue. An important arrest was made on 12/12/2012 with Scott Patrick still in jail with a $16,000 bond.  He was charged with entering an auto and possession of tools to commit a felony.  He has a record of car break-ins going back to 2006.

Larceny Other  -  Locked bicycles were stolen from a Briarcliff Place condo building laundry room and from a St. Charles Avenue front porch.  As I have stated many times before - hide those unused bikes inside somewhere that no one else has access to.  As we see now - inside a common laundry room does not qualify as a hiding place. A cabbie took a fare to the Briarcliff Summit building - she did not have enough money, but went inside to borrow the money from a friend and never came back out.  The KT Nails Salon on PDL Avenue had two male clients dressed as women to have their nails done - they fled without paying and took the owner's I-phone also.  A parked trailer was taken from PDL Avenue.  An observant neighbor reported 3 subjects stealing the street name sign at PDL and North Highland Avenues - the reporting officer saw them, but they fled and left the sign in front of the Briarcliff Summit. The following was a complicated narrative and I hope I have condensed it correctly - a Limerick Junction patron did not have money to pay his tab, so the off-duty officer working there agreed to walk him to a nearby ATM to get cash.  A scuffle occured at the ATM (this is where the story got complicated) and a passerby came to the aid of the off-duty officer and an arrest was made.  Thanx to conscientious citizens who help out our APD officers in time of need. At the Edgewood Retail District - the Target store caught 9 shoplifters and an unwatched wallet in a shopping cart at that Kroger store was stolen.  

Pedestrian Robbery  -  On 11/28 at about 9:30 p.m. at the corner of Maryland and Virginia Avenues. the victim had parked his car on Maryland and was walking to his home when approached by a male asking if he had seen a loose dog, who then produced a pistol.  The victim gave him the cash he had (less than $20) and the perp fled in his parked car on Maryland. On 11/29 at 7 p.m. was the much publicized incident at the Old 4th Ward skate park.  The victim (who came in from the suburbs) was there to buy an I-phone from a Craig'slist ad seller. The "seller" pulled a gun and demanded the victim's wallet while he was being pushed into his car.  the victim grabbed his pistol, fired two shots, chased the perp and held him til police arrived.


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