After T-SPLOST Failure, Democrats Worry About Georgia's Future

House Democrats are calling for a renewed effort after T-SPLOST failed to pass.

Georgians have voted down the TSPLOST referendum, which, had it passed, would have allocated a one percent sales tax increase over a 10-year span across 12 regions.

told Patch after the vote: "I was not surprised by the vote. The leaders in this state have created a climate in which Georgians have little faith that government can do what it needs to do," he said. "I hope this vote does not hurt our state long-term economically."

Voters who opposed the referendum were concerned the project was a negative return on investment, while those in districts outside Atlanta felt their tax dollars would be wasted.

House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams wants her fellow legislators to tackle transportation again.

“Georgia has under-invested in our transportation network for years, and we rank near the bottom in per capita transportation spending,” said Abrams. “The 2012 T-SPLOST was an important opportunity for Georgia to act. Unfortunately, due to yesterday’s vote, we must redouble our efforts. We cannot afford to sulk about losing. As elected officials, we must start working today on a new solution. We must listen to the people and get it right this time.”

Holcomb added: "I want to see Georgia be the most globally competitive state in the south with a world-class educational system and transportation networks." 

More information about the House Democratic Caucus legislative package can be found here.

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