Early Voting Down Somewhat Compared to 2008

Do you think a shortened early voting period means that lines will be longer at polling places Tuesday?


More than 23 percent of the registered voters in Fulton County and more than 34 percent of those in DeKalb have already cast their ballots, according to county elections officials.

There was a rush Friday as early voting drew to a close, with some voters waiting more than three hours to cast their ballots. The Adamsville Recreation Center in southwest Atlanta remained open until 10:15 p.m. and the Ocee Library in Johns Creek was open until 10:30 p.m. Voters had to be in line by 7 p.m., meaning some waited 3 ½ hours to get their chance to vote.

Both Fulton and DeKalb saw somewhat fewer people cast early ballots compared to four years ago.

DeKalb Elections Director Mary France Weeks said the state’s decision to reduce the number of early voting days was a factor. County elections officials responded by having more locations open for advanced voting. Here’s what Weeks had to say in an email she sent to Patch:

In 2008, early voting lasted 45 days – in 2012 it was reduced to 21 days. 

In 2008, we only had one early voting site for the full 45 day period – our main office on Memorial Drive.  In 2012, we had two areas in our main office, plus two additional satellite sites for the full 21-day period.

In 2008, we added five additional sites for the week prior to the election – for a total of 6.  In 2012, we added three additional sites for a total of 7.

Statewide, nearly 1.9 million people voted early. In 2008, there were a little more than 2 million early ballots cast.

Do you think a shortened early voting period means that lines will be longer at polling places Tuesday? Or do you think overall turnout will be smaller? Tell us what you think in the comments area below this article.


Early Voting By The Numbers

  2008   2012 DEKALB         173,069   160,820 FULTON         179,764   153,122 STATE TOTAL 2,084,179   1,882,558





Voters through Nov. 2

Adamsville Recreation Center



Buckhead Library



Government Center



North Service Center



Ocee Library



South Service Center



Memorial Drive (Reg)                48,482 Memorial Drive (AAP)                17,299 Tucker                24,765 S DeKalb (CAC)                27,104 Decatur                  8,133 E DeKalb (Berean)                  9,115 N DeKalb (Chamblee)                11,699


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