Fulton Judge Overrules Atlanta Mayor, Grants Liquor License to Ink Lounge

Lounge expected to open early May

A Fulton County Superior Court Judge ruled earlier this month that a business off Cheshire Bridge Road was wrongfully denied a liquor license.

The ruling overturns the decision by Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed in February to deny a liquor license to Ink Lounge, a bar connected with a luxury tattoo and hair salon.

“All of the evidence showed that it was undisputed that we had met the requirements,” Logan Winkles, the lawyer for the owners of Ink Lounge, told Patch.

Winkles said city officials are required to sign off on an application that meets all the requirements, despite any other factors in play.

Ink Lounge is a sister company of , which includes a luxury tattoo parlor and hair salon. All three businesses operate out of the same building at 1878 Piedmont Avenue at the intersection of Cheshire Bridge Road.

The neighborhood group that oversees liquor license applications in the area recommended in November 2011 to deny the application because residents were concerned about the lounge and tattoo parlor being in the same building, among other issues.

After a business owner files a liquor license application, the owner presents the application to the neighborhood civic association, the neighborhood planning unit and the license review board, which is run by the Atlanta police department.

If the neighborhood groups deny the license, the applicant still continues forward to the license review board.

The final step for approval or denial rests in the hands of the Mayor.

A spokesperson for Reed had no comment on the ruling. It’s unclear if a Fulton County judge has overturned a liquor license dispute in recent history.

Ink Lounge is expected to open in early May.

Do you support granting Ink Lounge a liquor license? Share your opinion in the comments.

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June Neumark April 28, 2012 at 02:58 PM
The neighborhood or surrounding neighborhoods would not have a say in the establishment of a tattoo parlor. It is only because Inkaholic wanted to serve liquor that the neighborhood(s) had a voice and vote. I am very much disgusted with the exterior painting of Inkaholic. June
Emma Rogers April 29, 2012 at 03:03 PM
I believe what they've done is amazing and the people were so nice. I have been there to get a tattoo for an Autism Charity Drive. The customer service and level of professionalism was better than that of any 5 Star Hotel. And just FYI, my husband had been drinking before coming to get his tattoo and they refused him service and scheduled his appt for the next day! I believe most of you have misjudged just as the mayor did. I suggest you walk in the front doors and see the INSIDE and meet the staff.
Super Thomas Daniel April 29, 2012 at 04:42 PM
So the black strip clubs where drugs are used, the porn shops where gay and straight sexual favors are exchanged are ok. They have been here for years and you bitches haven't been crying about them and they have kept their liquor licenses and business licenses. These are tax payers (hell triple taxes for 3 businesses and the building) who are fulfilling the American dream. You people make me sick! To suggest that the permit went thru because they had money, tells me you think the judge was "on the take"?
Tammy April 30, 2012 at 01:22 PM
That building now looks like a good place for Dog the Bounty Hunter to film part of an episode. I don't care how wonderful the people are inside, it looks trashy from the street.
DJ Rich-Bellerose February 10, 2013 at 01:41 AM
I just was looking for reviews on their tattoos because I am about to go. I live here in midtown. I think people such as Tammy, Henry, and Catherine are ridiculous. Its people like this that set our great nation back and back and back. Really the community should have a say so really Catherine??? If the community had a say so then we would still be driving horse driven carriages and going to church six days a week. Welcome to the real world. Where everyone is treated equal. Their business has just as much right to survive as any. It is their responsibility to bring in clients. As far as how the building looks. Again Really??? Maybe you don't like the color black but I drive by their location two times a day for work. I would much rather a building with something different and interesting than a broken down old bank building that was an eye sore and reminded everyone everyday that the building was empty and abandoned. Thank goodness for this establishment. Thank goodness the country is smart enough not to allow people such as you to approve permits. Otherwise the gay bars that I frequent OFTEN would not be in business due to your personal prejudices. I am so sick of the bigots in the country. Just because it doesn't benefit you personally or you don't like it doesn't make it wrong. Get over yourself. If you don't like it don't go! Don't try and force everyone else to follow you because of your personal beliefs or opinions. Thank you very much!!!!


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