News Nearby: Can Decatur Annex Neighborhoods Without Referendum?

The small city bordering Druid Hills is looking to expand its borders.


The Decatur city attorney does not think a referendum is necessary to proceed with the most recent annexation proposal, City Manager Peggy Merriss said Wednesday.

Merriss sent Patch this email:

[City Attorney] Bryan Downs responded this afternoon that after reviewing the relevant sections of OCGA, he did not believe that a referendum would be required if the properties annexed by local Act of the General Assembly were less than 50% residential.

The Decatur City Commission meets Monday, Dec. 17, and will decide whether to move ahead with annexation.

Merriss recommended Decatur annex the two heavily commercial areas on the northeast and northwest corners of the city limits.

Even if the commission votes yes, there will be many more steps in the state legislature.

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