Opposition to Walmart, Lindbergh Project Builds

Influential members and associations in the community are urging those against the "big box" development to make their voice heard at Thursday's City of Atlanta ZRB meeting.

Those opposed to the are voicing their opinion ahead of Thursday's City of Atlanta Zoning Review Board meeting at 6 p.m.

One strong voice is NPU-B Chair and North Buckhead resident Sally Silver, who made a statement Tuesday afternoon about the hotly debated issue.

"The application filed with the City of Atlanta rezones 21 acres of residential parcels to commercial use.  The proposed use is not consistent with the current zoning (Special Public Interest District-15) and is suburban rather than urban in design.  NPU-B recommended denial of the rezoning as well as the companion Comprehensive Development Plan amendment (CDP-11-06)."

Silver is urging anyone concerned about this issue to attend the hearing in the second floor Council Chambers at City Hall, 55 Trinity Ave. 

"The proposed redevelopment would be a major departure from the intent of the Special Public Interest District and a major change for the area.  Therefore, it is important that citizens make their opinions known."  

The Garden Hills Civic Association (GHCA) also issued a statement of frustration to its members, urging them to "make some noise" in regards to the hotly debated development, which according to reports will include a .

"Throughout this process, we have remained open to change and good development.  We have listened to Sembler's plan.  We have made many suggestions. What was originally sold to us as the potential for a local grocery store on this residential site has now become another sub-urban development with a big surface parking lot, a 150,000 square foot big box store, a huge, 15-foot retaining wall separating foot traffic from the retail towering above, no residential component and no direct access to ancillary retail stores. You have to park your car and walk across the huge central parking lot to get into anything."

Despite numerous meetings and examples of walker-friendly urban development inline with the vision of a transit oriented development, the GHCA feels that Sembler is not open to negotiation, despite the recommendations to deny their plan.  

"The neighborhood, SPI-15 DRC, NPU-B, City Planning Department have all been against this. And somehow, it's looking like it may go through.  The way these advisory boards work is that they all make recommendations.  It is up to the Mayor, ultimately, to make the decision."

What is your opinion of this controversial development? Let us know in the comments below.

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Super Thomas Daniel July 12, 2012 at 03:24 PM
Who cares? You need to focus your attention on something a little more meaningful than Wal-Mart is near us but not in our neighborhood. I'll shop there.


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