Speak Out: Take the City of Atlanta Customer Service Survey

The survey seeks input from any Atlanta resident or visitor who has had a recent interaction with City of Atlanta employees or services.


The City of Atlanta wants to hear from you! Unhappy with your City services or have a suggestion for improvements? Let the City know.

Mayor Kasim Reed and the City of Atlanta recently launched a new customer service survey for any Atlanta resident or visitor who has had a recent interaction with City of Atlanta employees or services. This move underscores Mayor Reed’s continuing commitment to strive for best-in-class customer service.

“Residents and visitors alike should expect the highest level of customer service from the City of Atlanta government,” said Mayor Reed in a release. “I encourage people to go to our website, fill out our customer service survey and provide candid feedback on your experience. We want to be the best at providing consistently high-levels of customer service and we need your help.”

Residents and visitors to the City of Atlanta can fill out the customer service survey here. The survey will be open through the Spring of 2013.

"Customer Service is a top priority of Mayor Reed's administration,” Mayor Reed’s Innovation Delivery Team Director Kristin Canavan Wilson said in the release. “In order to deliver on that priority, customer feedback helps us identify the most meaningful ways we can improve for our citizens and visitors."

In May, the City of Atlanta launched its first ever Customer Bill of Rights. This survey is intended to provide the City with feedback to understand how City staff are performing against the tenants of this Bill of Rights and to provide leadership with feedback on how the City can continually improve efforts to provide high quality service.

Our Customer Commitment

The Right to Courteous Treatment:
Our Customers have the right to prompt, friendly, honest and respectful service;

The Right to Know Who You Are Dealing With:
Our Customers have the right to know the name of the City of Atlanta Employees and the Department or Office who assist them;

The Right to Have Your Question/Complaint Heard:
Our Customers have the right to receive a response to their questions and concerns about City services and ensure that these questions and requests are correctly understood;

The Right to Easy Access:
Our Customers have the right to easily access clear and concise information, or be appropriately referred, when contacting the City with inquiries or requests related to City services and products;

The Right to Responsive Service:
Our Customers have the right to receive responsive and timely service to their inquiries and requests from all City employees;

The Right to Fair Service Delivery:
Our Customers have the right to consistent and fair application of City products, services, codes and rules; without consideration to economic, social or cultural conditions or position.

Development of these new strategies has been fueled by Mayor Reed's Innovation Delivery Team, which is funded by a $3.3 million grant awarded to the City of Atlanta by Bloomberg Philanthropies last summer.

Atlanta was one of five cities to receive a Bloomberg grant. The others were Chicago, Louisville, Memphis and New Orleans.


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