U.S. House District 5 Candidate: 'We all could fly like eagles'

Republican Howard Stopeck says that if elected next month, he'll push to reinstitute the draft for everyone to serve America, electing combat or non-combat duties.

Editor’s note: Election Day is four weeks from today and the deadline to register to vote in Georgia's general election is today, Tuesday, Oct. 9. For more information about voter guidelines, what’s on the ballot for Midtown voters and more, see here.

Virginia-Highland retired lawyer Howard Stopeck, 73, is set to face incumbent U.S. Rep. John Lewis for the District 5 congressional seat next month. A Republican, Stopeck made an unsuccessful bid for Congress in 1984. The 5th Congressional District represents a diverse swath of metro Atlanta that stretches from Buckhead to Forest Park and Decatur to Sandtown. If elected, here’s some of what Stopeck has promised to help accomplish in Congress:

  • 13% personal tax-cut in the Transparent Tax that I designed.
  • 16% personal flat tax with $25,000 household exemption.
  • 30% decrease in middle-class lifetime taxes.
  • Double corporate tax makes up shortfall and increase profits.
  • Create good paying free market jobs.
  • American firms will stay here.
  • Foreign firms will come here.
  • Abolish all tax incentive loopholes and special interests.
  • Abolish all tax avoidance.
  • Care for the poor, more than just keep them alive.


And here’s more thoughts and ideas from Stopeck:

We all could fly like eagles. Momma eagle brings rats to the nest to feed her baby eaglets. When they’re strong enough, she’ll push her babies out of the nest and watch them fly like eagles. Democrats want momma eagle to bring rats to the nest forever, so her babies will stay in the nest forever, and never fly. Her babies grow into adults, she builds the nest bigger and bigger and she keeps bringing even more rats to feed them. After many years she flies to the top of the mountain, surveys her majesty and then she dies of exhaustion. Her adult children are waiting for their momma and they’re hungry; but for years, they stayed in the nest relying on momma to bring them rats to eat, so they never flew and they are helpless, like those people living in nations with a similar political philosophy. I believe that Democrats are momma eagle. On the other side, I’ll make sure that all eagles learn how to fly. “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime (Chinese proverb)”, being consistent with God's Commandments in Leviticus and Deuteronomy to care for the poor, more than merely keeping them alive. Obama succeeded in delivering his fundamental change in the foundation of America. Many people like that political philosophy so much, that they want more of it; and we’ll all be left in the nest, hungry and helpless. We all could fly like eagles. gowithsto.com


Victims of demonic temptation When people are victimized by temptations set by evil demons, blame the demon, not the victim and save the victim. By demonizing the victim, the demon wins. Open your eyes and see the evil. Martin Luther King warned us that, he who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as the demon who perpetrates it. The greatest danger to liberty lurks in the insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well meaning but without understanding, who fell into the demon’s plan. Unless we figure out how to make productivity more economically desirable than the demon’s temptation of non-productivity, our future is thus determined. We must not only exorcise the demon, we must figure how it will cost us less money than what we’re now paying the demon  gowithsto.com


Reinstitute the draft for everyone to serve America, electing combat or non-combat. Draftees could elect combat or non-combat and zero deferments, including the rich and everything must indeed be shared. Non-combat shall primarily be assigned to the US Corps of Engineers working on our infrastructure, roads, bridges, levies, reservoirs and thorough training as though free tuition. This will cost us less than we're currently spending on social programs, including unemployment compensation. I believe in service to our country. We also need similar programs for all ages; and if they have children, there needs to be baby-sitting and facilities similar to what Israel did in 1948 and so forth. Draftees will include everyone who could serve, in the way they could serve, including the lame and otherwise impaired. I'm running for Congress to save the economy and care for the poor more than merely keeping them alive, which is not only humane, poverty is expensive. For me, the Bible lays out my road map for humanity, and for those who don't believe how I believe, there's the moral equivalent. Believers and non-believers don't have to hate each other. That's the America I know. gowithsto.com


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