Voter Turnout in Druid Hills

How many voters turned out from your neighborhood?

Voters throughout metro Atlanta overwhelmingly approved Sunday alcohol sales on Tuesday, as well as school tax referendums in DeKalb and Fulton counties.

Here is a look at how Druid Hills residents voted:

: 12.52 percent

Reg. voters: 2,268; Cards cast: 284

Absentee by mail: 1; Absentee in person: 3


Yes- 156

No- 127

: 16.44 percent

Reg. voters: 2,250; Cards cast: 370

Absentee by mail: 3; Absentee in person: 7


Yes- 292

No- 78

Emory Road, : 9.42 percent

Reg. voters: 924; Cards cast: 87

Absentee by mail: 4; Absentee in person: 0


Yes- 61

No- 24

Emory South, Atlanta Metropolitan Church: 18.24 percent

Reg. voters: 2735; Cards cast: 499

Absentee by mail: 2; Absentee in person: 2


Yes- 370

No- 128

: 28.92 percent

Reg. voters: 2047; Cards cast: 592

Absentee by mail: 1; Absentee in person: 5


Yes- 460

No- 130

Information compiled from the DeKalb County website.


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