What Do You Want Improved in Your Neighborhood?

NPU-F lists improvement projects

Neighborhood Planning Unit-F has complied an ongoing list of proposed improvement projects in the neighborhood.

Some of these projects will be considered for a city-wide program that aims to maintain and renovate city facilities.

Here’s a look at the projects on the list:

Which of these projects would you like to see completed? Tell us in the comments!

Morningside-Lenox Park Traffic Calming- Implement the Morningside-Lenox Park portion of the four-neighborhood Traffic Calming Plan (submitted by the City of Atlanta to ARC in May 2004). Specific streets are North Rock Springs Road, Johnson Road, East Rock Springs Road, North Morningside Drive, North Highland Avenue and Lenox Road.

Cheshire Bridge Corridor Streetscape- Complete the improvements included in the Cheshire Bridge Corridor Study, including but not limited to the intersection at LaVista and general streetscape improvements along the whole corridor.

Cheshire Bridge and LaVista intersection- Complete the improvements included in the Cheshire Bridge Corridor Study, including but not limited to the intersection at LaVista and general streetscape improvements along the whole corridor.

Lindbergh Sidewalks- Construct sidewalks on the south side of Lindbergh from I-85 to Cheshire Bridge Road

North Highland Ave Streetscape- Complete the Highland Corridor streetscape and traffic improvement plan. Specific nodes are St. Charles segment of North Highland Avenue, University Drive and North Highland Avenue; Amsterdam Avenue and North Highland Avenue. Several benches are in need of repair or have been destroyed and need to be repaired

Monroe Ave Sidewalks- Complete sidewalks on Monroe Drive from Montgomery Ferry to Armour Drive and from Rock Springs to Ansley Villas

NPU F pedestrian improvements- Encourage pedestrian mobility by completing sidewalks through the NPU and upgrading and adding crosswalks. Encourage safe and responsible driving patterns throughout the NPU through implementation of traffic calming measures and enforcement of speed limit

NPU F Traffic light synchronization- Synchronize all traffic lights to encourage driving the posted speed.

John Howell Park Site Improvements- Replace/build fence by volleybal court along Arcadia and along the back of the park, repair water fountain near playground, install steps near the center of the park. Remove dead trees and prune dead wood, remove underbrush, remove crape myrtles around donor's circle, power wash brick pavers, granite marker, wood benches and light poles and golbes, supply mulch, replace broken street lamp globes and lights, refurbish benches, replace broken playscpae equipment. DPRCA comment - added to CDP/STWP

Virginia and North Highland Traffic Island- Install power source for landscape lighting

Orme Park Site Improvements- Stabilize stream, replace railings on steps. Redesign stormwater flow. Stream bank clean up and Historic bridge restoration. DPRCA comment - Already in CDP/STWP

Morningside Nature Preserve- Design and build trails heads: Welbourne Road access and Lenox Road along South Fork of Peachtree Creek. Wildlife monitoring. Acquire easement at Morningside Condos, Robin Lane parcel, Tedhoff parcel and provide pedestrian connections. DPRCA comment - Trails and amenities already in CDP. CDP project added for potential acquisitions.

Daniel Johnson Nature Preserve and Herbert Taylor Park- Trail improvements, tree planting and invasive plant removal. Land acquisition. Environmental education. Archeological research. DPRCA comment - Already in CDP/STWP

Wildwood Garden Park- Implement phase 1 of master plan. DPRCA comment - Already in CDP/STWP

Morningside Lenox Park Monument Repair- Repair monument at Johnson, Plymouth and West Sussex road

Sunken Garden Park- Repair and improve drainage infrastructure. Add water source for irrigation. Add water/fountain play on northern end with play equipment. DPRCA comment - Already in CDP/STWP

Lanier Blvd Traffic Island Irrigation- Provide irrigation/ water source at Lanier Boulevard median and Wildwood Garden at traffic circle

Lenox Wildwood Park- Mitigate and repair stream bank erosion, add tennis court, provide shelter at tennis courts, provide grills and drinking fountain, repair/ replace pedestrian bridge. Poison ivy and English ivy maintenance/control. DPRCA comment - Already in CDP/STWP

Little Woods Acquisition- Acquire 3.2 acre parcel adjacent to South Fork Peachtree Creek. DPRCA comment - added to CDP

Gotham Way Park- Purchase 1 acre site from HOA. Master plan for site

Wimbledon, Rock Springs and Montgomery Ferry- Provide intersection improvements and traffic calming on Wimbledon, Rock Springs and Montgomery Ferry. Sidewalks at Wimbledon, Rock Springs and Montgomery Ferry

N. Highland Ave. and Highland View Ave. street lights- 6 streetlights are need on N. Highland Ave. and Highland Ave. The area is unsafe and very dark. Also benches are in need of repair on N. Highland/ Virginia.

Orme Park restoration- Stream bank clean up and Historic bridge restoration.

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Sandy Phillips February 23, 2012 at 11:31 PM
Trim trees of dead limbs in John Howell park. Many trees are close to the back side of houses on Va. Circle and endanger fences, patio furniture, plants located in back yards, not to speak of limbs falling on people/children, resulting in terrible injuries. Thanks for your consideration. Sandy Phillips
David E. February 24, 2012 at 02:24 AM
The #1 thing I would like to see improved: repairs of the 50 most dangerous sidewalks in Virginia-Highland. Doing this selectively by "node" (also known in plain English as "by small area") is not sufficient. The sidewalks in Virginia-Highland are a safety hazard and an embarrassment.
Michael Wakefield February 24, 2012 at 12:59 PM
Barnett Street needs some traffic calming. People accelerate down the hill from each end, and by the time they cross Drewry, they are going about 45 miles an hour. Yet there is a school bus stop near that intersection, and children trying to ride there bikes nearby. It is quite dangerous.
Lisa H February 24, 2012 at 08:20 PM
Morningside-Lenox Park Traffic Calming for sure. Traffic in the evening turning left onto Johnson Rd/Lenox from Rock Springs is a nightmare!
Kalika February 24, 2012 at 10:06 PM
I wholeheartedly agree with David's suggestion. The sidewalks in VaHi are absolutely horrible. I've never seen their equal. No sidewalks would be an improvement.


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