How Does Rent in Virginia-Highland and Druid Hills Stack Up?

Do you think your rent is high? See how it compares to other parts of the neighborhood and other communities in Atlanta.


Everybody knows that rental rates vary across the city of Atlanta, and even within the Virginia-Highland and Druid Hills area. But how much does it differ? Is your rent higher than just a few blocks away?

Thanks to the efforts of the website Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks, it's easier to see the patterns in rental rates and income down to the Census tract level. The site uses data compiled from the 2006-2010 American Community Survey to show median household income and rental rates by census tract.

The data shows that the Druid Hills Census Tract 224.02, which includes the Emory University campus, has a median rent of $1,039 per month. (The median means that half of the rents in the area higher than $1,039 and half are lower.)

Meanwhile, Census Tract 202, which stretches along Ponce de Leon and includes part of Virginia-Highland and Atkins Park, has a median rent of $770 a month.

To see the data on an interactive map and check our more metro Atlanta neighborhoods, visit the Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks website.

What do you think? Are you surprised by the ranges in rent in the area? Tell us in the comments area below.


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