News Nearby: Suburban Plaza Walmart Construction to Begin in Early 2013

Good Growth DeKalb vows to continue fighting the development.


Selig Enterprises has acquired all necessary permits to begin construction of a new Walmart Supercenter in Suburban Plaza early next year.

The shopping center is undergoing an overall renovation with the Walmart serving as the centerpiece. A number of retailers have already departed the shopping center in anticipation of the renovation and have been let out of their leases without penalty, according to the Medlock Area Neighborhood Association.

The association's zoning committee also included more information in their update this week, including:

• Maggie Monastesse, the owner of Decatur Estate & Wayback Antique (and longtime tenant at Suburban Plaza), reports that they have secured a site for their store at 2272 Lawrenceville Highway. This is the location of the old Jake's Toadhouse, across from Home Depot and next to O'Reilley Auto Parts. The new location is a bit bigger than the current space and Maggie says they are very excited and happy that after 20+ years in the community, purchasing this property means they can set roots and stay local for many years to come. They plan to open in Spring 2013.

Good Growth DeKalb says it's still be determined to stop Selig and Walmart. The group told supporters earlier this month they plan to file a lawsuit against the development.


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