APS Redistricting: Anonymous Petition Moves Mary Lin to Coan

Petition aims to avoid annex and academy options

Yet another anonymous petition to redraw school attendance zones in Atlanta Public Schools surfaced on Friday.

“Petition: 10-year plan” aims to provide a ten-year Grady cluster overcrowding solution that yields “maximum results” with “minimal upheaval.”

The plan includes sending the community — students from Inman Park, Candler Park and Lake Claire — to Coan Middle School and Jackson High School.

Mary Lin students currently attend and Grady High School. Both Inman and Grady are overcrowded and projection numbers indicate little relief over the next ten years.

The anonymous proposal attemps to remove annex and academy options at all levels by redistricting Mary Lin to the Jackson cluster.

On the elementary level, the petition adds Hope-Hill to the Inman and Grady cluster, a plan that Superintendent Erroll B. Davis Jr. also had on the table in his initial recommendation. The group also suggests making Centennial Place Elementary a kindergarten-through-eighth grade campus.

Read the full details and the petition here.

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Greg Wilkinson March 18, 2012 at 04:29 PM
I'm glad you brought all of this up. Since APS has turned it's back on the schools SOD for so many years that is why we have charter schools. Well guess what, we are telling APS to make that investment and the people will come and get involved just like they did for Mary Lin years ago and just what you have seen in Toomer in recent years. If people want to move because the city wants to improve the schools and be fiscally responsible so be it. Maybe they shouldn't live intown to begin with. Move on and let people that have an interest in their surrounding communities move in.
Greg Wilkinson March 18, 2012 at 04:46 PM
ESL, Lets talk about some of what you said. No, not the sci fi stuff or the NBA but the real topic at hand. Coan one day might very well be a K-8 for this area. If APSs doesn't do the right thing and invest in these failing schools and fill them with the students to relieve the overcrowding are schools further away, it very well might happen. However, our push as tax payers is to have APS do what our tax dollars are paid to do. Provide a good education for ALL schools, not just some. This has nothing to do with one neighborhood trying to get another to be sent to a certain school. It has everything to do with equality in schools and fiscal responsibility in APS. By saving millions in building or expansion we can use the existing facilities and invest that money saved in the education of the students. The Lin issue is brought up because Lin is the closest logic school to be sent to Coan. Besides, it's much easier and closer to walk to Coan then Inman. The common sense outweighs the excuses for not wanting to do what's right for all.
ESL March 18, 2012 at 05:56 PM
Ok Greg. Let"s take zombies and basketball off the table and talk real people. What if you were a former Kirkwood or Edgewood neighborhood officer and you had a school age child. So imagine that as a neighborhood official you don't send your child to your neighborhood school. What message does that send? Now imagine that same person/ people officer starts organizing their neighborhood to lobby APS to send another neighborhoods kids to a school he does not send his kids to? The word hypocrit comes to mind as well as hubris, arrogance, self righteousness, pharisaic, snctimonius
Greg Wilkinson March 18, 2012 at 06:04 PM
ESL, Thanks for taking those items off the table and staying on topic. It's very much appreciated. You have a very good point to make and a very valid one. The residents of the communities totally understand that and we understand that. It is a tough situation to be put in. We have finally gotten Tommer up and off the ground and headed in the right direction with little or no help from APS. We know as a community that the next step is to correct the wrong at Coan. We feel that we are up for the fight just as those in other communities fought for their schools. Since Coan is a clear viable chance to not only solve a problem at Inman, by bringing in more involved parents and students that have seen the fruits of this hard labor we can make Coan a great school very fast. For the good of the entire SRT3 this is what should happen. If we continue to keep lines drawn in the sand and turn our backs on other communities that simply isn't right. That's also not life intown. Can you not see that logic?
Earl Williamson, RN March 18, 2012 at 06:31 PM
Having reviewed all my posts on this thread I can pretty comfortably say I never said Lin was an option, nor have I pushed for specific neighborhoods to go specific places. What I HAVE been saying is that Coan Middle School is a fiscally and geographically responsible solution to be utilized, not some kind of problem to be closed and disposed of. We have critical overcrowding at Inman, projected to reach 184% in the near future. We have immediately available capacity geographically proximate in the same SRT at Coan Middle School. It's an excercise in facility management that has a clear answer, shift from one overcrowded location to another nearby underutilized and cost effective location until both are at efficient capacities. Really, how much sense does it make to keep one filled way beyond capacity and close the other? Re-districting MUST be fiscally responsible (the money's not there anymore) and for once in APS history ensure equity in educational delivery ( to resolve the whole under/over performance site differentials that are APS' responsibility to begin with).


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