APS Superintendent Finalist: Eli Broad Influenced/Connected

A former Atlanta Board of Education candidate chimes in on the recommendation of the new superintendent for Atlanta Public Schools.

Dr. Meria Joel Carstarphen. Courtesy APS
Dr. Meria Joel Carstarphen. Courtesy APS

By Ed Johnson

Has Atlanta’s newly elected Board of Education members the maturity, and the wisdom, to conceive of unconventional possibilities?

Apparently no, for [Thursday] they announced the superintendent search finalist they intend to hire as Atlanta Public Schools’ next superintendent, Dr. Meria Joel Carstarphen.

Currently, Dr. Carstarphen serves as Superintendent of Austin Independent School District (AISD), Austin Texas.

A quick check revealed Eli Broad’s influence and connection Dr. Carstarphen let loose upon AISD. But as the same scenario that so often plays out with Eli Broad-infected superintendents (for example, here and here), the community quickly catches on, wises up, throws out most sitting school board members, elects new ones, then the new board seeks to let go the Broad-infected superintendent.

Obviously, this scenario is in the end-stage for Dr. Carstarphen, in AISD, save for Atlanta board of education offering up APS as a new host for Dr. Carstarphen to invade.

Be deeply concerned that Dr. Carstarphen will let loose the Eli Broad contagion in our Atlanta Public Schools. In fact, be so deeply concerned as to even consider recalling Atlanta school board members.   

In any case, our Atlanta school board members have made themselves deserving of the community’s full-throttle, head-on engagement.

I hereby so engage. How about you?

And I am sorry but this question must be asked: Why do mostly “African American” adults just keep on compromising mostly “African American” children’s humanity with the likes of Eli Broad and such others?

Mr. Johnson, a resident of Atlanta's Cascade community, is an education advocate who made an unsuccessful bid for the Atlanta Board of Education Seat 9 last year. He can be reached at advocate.edwjohnson@aol.com.


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