Grady High hosts AP Night Tuesday

On Thursday morning, Inman Middle School will host for parents the first of three "Grady 101" presentations.

Grady High School has one of the most celebrated Advanced Placement (AP) programs in the state of Georgia. On Tuesday evening, students and parents are greatly encouraged to attend AP Night at the school beginning at 6 p.m. on the first floor of the Charles Allen Building of the school.

If you are a GHS student:

  • Do you want to engage in a college-like learning environment?
  • Save hundreds of dollars of tuition for college?
  • Begin your freshman year with college credits?

Then you should strongly consider attending Tuesday’s meeting where topics covered will include:

  • The value of AP courses and exams
  • AP course offerings at Grady
  • The application and evaluation process for AP courses
  • Minimum qualifications for AP
  • Are you ready for AP?
  • Grades in AP courses – “The Ten Points”

See here for more information.


On Thursday, Nov. 29, Inman Middle School will host for parents the first of three "Grady 101" presentations. This 8 a.m. presentation is titled "Program of Study" and the presenters will include several Grady staff members.

In addition, forms relevant to the presentation and a "FAQ" (frequently asked questions) will be distributed. The second presentation, "Student Support," is scheduled to take place in January, and the third, focusing on clubs, teams and other aspects of student life at Grady, will be held in March.

While there will not be a formal Q&A session as part of the presentation, questions can be submitted to: Grady101series@gmail.com. A response to all emails will be sent.

The presentation will be recorded and posted on both Grady's and Inman's websites. In addition, the forms distributed, including the FAQ, will be posted on both websites.

A list of Grady parents willing to discuss their experience(s) at Grady will be distributed. In addition to this series of presentations for parents, Inman students will be introduced to Grady through presentations and tours. More information on those presentations will follow.

Questions regarding the parent presentations? Please contact: Jennifer Roorbach, Transition Out, Inman Middle School, at jenniferroorbach@comcast.net. If you are interested in being a contact person for a prospective parent, please send your name and contact info to Roorback, as well.


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