Grady HS Fined, Forfeits Wins, Placed on Probation by GHSA

Georgia High School Association hands down penalties to Midtown school following the Atlanta Public Schools' investigation into allegations of recruiting and address fraud by the Grady football team.

Grady Stadium. Courtesy APS
Grady Stadium. Courtesy APS

The Georgia High School Association (GHSA) informed Grady High School on Tuesday of penalties assessed as a result of initial violations to eligibility rules stemming from the Atlanta Public Schools (APS) investigation into allegations of recruiting and address fraud by the Grady football team. 

A scanned copy of the GHSA’s letter to the Midtown school is attached with this article.

Earlier this month, APS released the results of an investigation into allegations of address fraud and illegal recruitment by football team.

The results of the probe showed that a quarter of the squad used fake addresses to play for the Grey Knights and attend the school this past fall.

The investigation, which stemmed from an anonymous written complaint to the school district in early December, found that 14 students used fraudulent addresses to enroll into Grady. 

In addition to having to forfeit its victories from the 2013 season in games that the ineligible players participated in, the school’s football team will not be allowed to participate in the playoffs next season.

GHSA also fined Grady $1,000 for lack of administrative oversight in regards to the large-scale irregularities.

GHSA will conduct a separate investigation and additional penalties may be levied upon future discovery of violations. APS said it will continue to work collaboratively with GHSA.

The district will complete its investigation and make personnel recommendations this week.

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