Inman Middle School Addition: Project Overview

The proposed addition would add approximately 20,000 square feet on two levels.

The project’s tentative start date is December 2014. Courtesy APS
The project’s tentative start date is December 2014. Courtesy APS

Patch Staff Report

According to the Inman Middle School PTA, at the first Inman Expansion Committee meeting held in January, representatives from the architecture firm BRPH shared their Conceptual Design Package for the proposed Inman Middle School Addition. 

A project overview can be found on the Atlanta Public School’s Facilities Department webpage here and attached with this article.

At this time, the project’s tentative start date is December 2014. 

The proposed addition would add approximately 20,000 square feet on two levels (approximately 12,000 square feet to the foot print) to the east side (main entrance side) of the building.  

This would include: seven regular classrooms, two health classrooms, one technology lab, renovations to the existing band room, additional bleachers in the gymnasium, reworking of the locker rooms and coaches’ offices, and a complete renovation and addition to the main lobby area.  

A new stairway and elevator in the main lobby area will allow access to the media center and second level. In addition, the student entrance on the Clemont Drive will be shifted over to the new addition and will provide a larger buffer zone for the students between the street and the building, and a pull-off for special education buses will be added along Park Dr.  

Enhanced entry security at the front is planned, including a security vestibule closer to the main office. While the plans are in a very early stage, in general the building layout seems to be well though-out, and we look forward to its continued development. 

If you have questions or comments regarding the current conceptual design, please feel free to contact the parent representatives on the committee: Tamara Jones (IMS LSC rep) at tjones@keepers-bags.com or Gail Price (IMS PTA rep) at gailanddave2@comcast.net.

Reality March 10, 2014 at 10:31 AM
Hope with the expansion they double check accurate residency papers. I predict many Clayton county tags dropping off children
Barbara Baggerman March 10, 2014 at 02:28 PM
Kill this project before you ruin this school by making it too large (and destroying greenspace and creating more traffic congestion in the area), and spend the money building a new middle school in O4W instead.


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