Soccer Playoffs: Paideia Advances to Final Four

Pythons defeat Hebron Christian

defeated Hebron Christian Academy 5-1 Friday night in the Class A boys state soccer quarterfinals.

Paideia knocked off Hebron in front of a home crowd at Python Park in Avondale Estates, securing a Final Four berth and drawing one step closer to uncharted territory: a state championship.

The Pythons had been absent from the second round of the playoffs since 2008, but advanced the the final four in 2011.

Paideia will face Atlanta International School in the final four on Tuesday, May 15. The winner of the game will compete for the Class A state title.

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Mike Mike May 16, 2012 at 01:15 PM
AIS beat Paideia several times last night as the crooked ref tried to get give Paideia every advantage he could as they were about to get closed out by AIS. The most memorable calls were when he gave Paideia back the ball 2 times in a vulnerable spot with only 20 second left in extra time. The second time he actually put time back on the clock! The next shocking call was when he gave AIS goalie a red card for celebrating after blocking the first penalty kick. AIS still pulled through with the win regardless of the ref's agenda. Good thing that ref had a cop escort him to his car.
Sarah May 17, 2012 at 05:08 AM
The ref had bad calls both ways... They put time back on the clock because the AIS people doing the scoreboard were "not paying attention" and letting the clock run. The AIS team played extremely rough and unsportsman like, which led to the kick with 20 seconds left outside the box. The AIS goalie's "celebration" involved aggressively chest bumping the Paideia player after he saved his shot. Think before you post....
Mike Mike May 17, 2012 at 04:09 PM
Sarah, try and process what I am about to write through that tiny little brain of yours; and really try to understand the important details before posting another idiotic reply. The horrible calls against AIS, were coincidentally, at critical moments that literally handed goals to Paideia. Paideia should work on actually scoring goals without the ref's help. That would improve their chances of winning and leave you less frusterated. To top it all off, a red card is a complete overreaction for a chest bump. If you knew anything about soccer you would know that. Yes, it is at the ref's discretion, which emphasizes the point in itself. What in heck was the kicker doing up near the goal after his shot anyway? # 10 just happened to be one of the guys trash talking and trying to instigate the entire game. Thank goodness for some good old poetic justice at the end. AIS deserved to win. They completely outplayed the opponent.


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