Group Meets to Discuss Inman Middle Overcrowding

A task force looking at overcrowding at Inman Middle School meets Tuesday, and APS Superintendent Erroll Davis is scheduled to attend.

What should be done about overcrowding at Inman Middle School?

A task force is discussing just that. They will meet Tuesday, Sept. 18 at 9 a.m. at the school, and Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Erroll Davis is expected to attend.

There is no agenda for the meeting, but the group is charged with providing community input into the capacity of Inman Middle School, said Atlanta Public Schools spokesman Keith Bromery.

This school year, Inman Middle is projected to have 1,034 students, which is 118 percent of its capacity. By 2021, the school is expected to be at 158 percent of capacity.

In short, the school is too crowded and will only become more so over the next decade.

The task force has been meeting twice a month since July to recommend solutions to the school district. According to meeting minutes posted on the group's website, the task force has discussed, among other options:

  • A 6th grade academy or 8th grade academy
  • Creating a new middle school, while maintaining a racial balance
  • Shifting schools to house grades K-8

At the last meeting, some task force members said they weren't clear what the schools superintendent wanted, according to minutes posted on the website. The superintendent is coming to this meeting and plans to bring a facilitator and to explain the reason for the task force.

Task force meetings are open to the public, and Mary Lin Elementary parents and Inman Park Neighbors are encouraged to attend. 


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