Take the Atlanta Public Schools Calendar Survey

APS officials are asking stakeholders to participate in a survey to help shape future school calendars

Atlanta Public Schools officials are asking for public input to develop the school calendar for next school year.

Parents, employees and students are asked to fill out the online survey to weigh in on the options.

More info on the options, courtesy of APS:

  • Balanced Calendar: A "balanced" calendar features 8-9 week blocks of instructional days with week-long breaks evenly distributed throughout the school year. A balanced calendar usually includes a 9-10 week summer break.
  • Traditional Calendar: A "traditional" calendar features long blocks of instructional time with limited breaks during the school year. A traditional calendar usually includes a 10-11 week summer break.
  • Year Round Calendar: A "year round" calendar usually features 8-9 week blocks of instructional time with 3-week breaks distributed throughout the year. In a year round model, intersessions are provided for students during these breaks with opportunities for catch-up and enrichment, if funding is available. A year round calendar usually includes a 5-week summer break.

The survey is available here and will be open through the end of October.


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