Megan Swoyer
I received an English degree (with a minor in Journalism) from Michigan State University with hopes of working at a newspaper or magazine. My first job in journalism  (after a few years working at a book store in Lansing) was at AAA's Michigan Living magazine in Dearborn as an associate editor. It was a great job, as I traveled quite a bit and wrote about weekend destinations close to home and vacation getaways far from home.
Eventually, I left AAA to work at Detroit Monthly magazine, one of the many publications owned by Crain Communications in Detroit. I was a managing editor at  Detroit Monthy and then became editor a few years later. Detroit Monthly is no longer in business. In 1995, our first son was born and a year and a half later, our second son was born. With that, I decided to start an editing and writing business that provided me with a lot of flexibility while holding down the fort and raising my boys. Sometimes I think they raise my husband and me, now that they are teens and have plenty of opinions and insights.  I like to write about metro Detroit and its people, including profiles, and stories on home decor and design, gardening, the arts, business, health, education, parenting, sports, and other topics. My goal when writing stories is to inspire change. It's nice when someone makes a change in their life or takes action on something, based on what they might have learned in a story. I thrive on new ideas and insights, tips and inspiration, whether it's a  parenting technique, a stroll through a new store, a wall paint color, a fitness regime, you name it. When I'm not writing or editing, I like to paint watercolors (www.greenbushmedia.com). 
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